Black Belt Summer Songwriting Camp is a chance for students from around the world to participate in a songwriting camp in Sweden, one of today’s more notable hot spots when it comes to pop music. NEW: We now also arrange online songwriting camps! More information on dedicated page (follow the link)

What Is It?

The camp is a chance for you to deepen your understanding of the business and develop your skills as a songwriter. You’ll team up with students from the music production programme at Örebro College of Music to create songs, and present them for a panel consisting of publishers, media and music producers. This panel will give you feedback, and maybe even an interesting proposal…

Who’s behind it?

Black Belt Summer Songwriting Camp is managed by Iphigenia Publishing. A publisher focusing on educational literature and learning events. Initiators of the camp are Johan Wahlander, Jan Sparby and Drew Young (Better Than Pretend LLC, New Orleans, US). Johan Wahlander and Jan Sparby are the authors of the Black Belt Songwriting book series.

We Had a Wonderful Time!

"...each and every member of this group taught me important lessons that will influence the way I approach the rest of my life."
McCloy Dickson, Alexandria, Virginia

"...This camp is a chance to zoom in on the artistic side. I’m developing my identity as a songwriter, and in the process of getting comfortable with the craft and the tools"
Casey Riordan, Long Island, New York.

"...We all have something unique to add to the mix. I’ll contribute with what I’m really good at."
Adam Olsson, Örebro, Sweden

Black Belt Summer Songwriting Camp, by Iphigenia Publishing in collaboration with GEISA: Global Entertainment Industry Study Abroad.

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First: a couple of days of sightseeing and fun, to get to know each other and set the stage for successful collaboration. The camp goes on for a couple of weeks.


Black Belt Songwriting Camp is arranged at the College of Music, in the beautiful town of Örebro, in the midst of Sweden. The College has excellent facilities for music production, recording studios with state of the art technology. The campus features comfortable living quarters for participants, and is located a 10 minute bus trip from down town Örebro.

Contact and Info

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"The best weeks of my summer! If I were to get the opportunity to go again, I would say yes immediately!"

"A great opportunity for networking with people from the other side of the Atlantic, and write some songs that we all were happy with!"

"I learned a lot about the business, and it was also very giving socially, meeting people with the common interest of writing songs."

Letter of Recommendation, College of Charleston, South Carolina: