New: Online Edition!

We now host camps online. This enables participation from around the globe, at a fraction of the cost, with no need for travel and thus adding nothing to global warming. It’s nothing but brilliant. Having hosted a handful of camps (May 2019) we note that we already have participants from all over the world, except for Antarctica. BlackBeltCamp

Black Belt Camp at Live@Heart

We’re feeling ALIVE AT HEART because finally it’s showtime! After 3 days of brain storming, songwriting, producing and rehearsing, at Black Belt Songwriting Camp,  the time has come to deliver on stage! Join us at LIVE AT HEART’s main stage tonight at 7! 

Thank you Oscar Nordström and Clara Alm who have coached this event, held at RadioAddict’s nice studio environment (Erik !!) Thank you LIVE AT HEART for the opportunity and the collaboration.

Elin at the Camp

Meet one of the Songwriters at Black Belt Songwriting Camp at LIVE AT HEARTElin Namnieks.

Elin Namnieks started out as a typical singer/songwriter artist, who in 2015 was discovered on YouTube by two producers in Los Angeles. She jumped on a flight and recorded her first EP in Burbank, California and released her first single entitled “Changed” in fall of the same year. After a few hundred gigs, she has developed a new sound which moves towards modern pop with an ‘electro feel’ production. In January 2018, she released her brand new single “Got No Time”.